• Benefits of a Cervical Pillow

    ...all elements of a bedroom and bedding work together to create the perfect sleep environment for your individual needs. A Cervical Pillow actually helps improve your posture while you sleep  

    Over the years the duvet has increased in popularity. The world went from bedspreads to comforters and now, the duvet. The duvet in different count...
  • Lavish Color is Trending in 2021

    Adding vibrant color is a must. It’s amazing how oranges, reds, pinks, with a touch of royal blue can create a vibrant garden that electrifies your bedroom décor.
  • Spring with a WOW factor!

    It's Spring! That time of year when I change comforters, drapes, and upgrade my living spaces because it gives me a feeling of newness and it gives my spaces a pop of color. Throw pillows can change the entire look of your room instantly and add tons of personality to your room. 
  • Solids, Pattern, and Price

    Embracing change and letting your sense of style take over can show you what you’re made of. Let your imagination explode by working with bedding, pictures, paint (if you so choose), plants, or lamps you already have...Your décor can directly influence the aura or feng shui you want to flow into a room. Visit to view the stunning bedding and bath products that can influence your rooms’ feng shui.
  • Silk, The More You Know

    Did you know that Natural silk contains amino acids Amino acids can help repair skin damage and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles and because silk reduces friction as you toss and turn in your sleep, it lessens the pulling and creasing of your skin. Natural silk also protects your hair from split ends and frizz. 
  • Tips for Choosing the Best Bath Towel

    Pima, Egyptian, Turkish Cotton, bamboo, cotton-polyester blend, so many choices. How do you choose the best bath towels? It's a matter of personal preference. Egyptian cotton towels are organic and contain no harmful chemicals and have not been exposed to pesticides therefore; there are no harmful chemicals.
  • Decorating to De-Stress

    I think everyone will admit that 2020 was a challenging year. In an effort to maintain some sense of normalcy, we can find ways to de-stress at home by spending little to no money at all. There are simple, yet inexpensive, ways to improve your mood when stressed or feeling down. Don't forget, these transformations can apply to kids' spaces too.
  • Humidity and Your Health

    What most homeowners and renters don’t know is that dry air can negatively impact your health and the health of your loved ones. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness.
  • Cool Sleeping

    The "chillow" is the latest thing in bedding and lifestyle because of the process of conduction they are able to absorb your body temperature. 
  • Transformation of Bedroom #1

    I recently transformed one of the bedrooms in my home by painting the walls light grey, going for a pink and gray theme, eliminating the bedroom furniture by replacing the bedframe with a pallet. In total, it costs me very little and I stayed within my budget.
  • Create & Style

    You can create the feel of any room without breaking the bank.