Spring with a WOW factor!

It's Spring! That time of year when I change comforters, drapes, and upgrade my living spaces because it gives me a feeling of newness and it gives my spaces a pop of color. Besides, now is the time you start spring cleaning, putting away heavier bedding and wool blankets, heavy curtains, and adding lighter fabrics and colors to brighten things up. Shopping is sheer pleasure when you're scouting for a particular style of lamp shades, window treatments, decorative pillows or bath towels to pump up your living spaces. Small accents can make huge differences.  The concept is less is more. New lamp shades can be all that's needed to transform your room into a tranquil environment. Adding new, white towels and spa essentials take you to the spa without leaving home. Just think of how you want to feel when you enter each room and make it happen. Personally, I love the idea of every room in the house reflecting different areas of my personality. That's your personal touch, your creativity. If you have the throw pillow cushions, you can design your own pillow just by changing the covers. Throw pillows can change the entire look of your room instantly and add tons of personality to your room. Make room for those throw pillows that pump up your room for that 'WOW' factor!

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