Cool Sleeping

Winter weather can make for a dry environment in your house primarily because of the heat. Depending on your situation, this can make for a suffocating situation. Dry heat is bad for your skin, hair, and some can exasperate some health problems. Hypoallergenic Gel pillows are so cool (in every sense of the word). The are allergen resistant, dust mite resistant, and allow for cool sleeping. Their benefits outweigh the cons: no microbial worries, With typical pillows you get heated at night due to body temperature. The "chillow" is the latest thing in bedding and lifestyle because of the process of conduction they are able to absorb your body temperature. As the heat is distributed across the gel layer, it offers a cool feeling. The Hypoallergenic Gel Pillow does not go flat, keeps its' shape and provides an amazing sleep. Check them out at

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