Decorating to De-Stress

I think everyone will admit that 2020 was a challenging year. Everyone has been touched by the effects of the pandemic in one sense or the other. The past year has caused stress on so many levels and while many have tried to salvage businesses, jobs, and home, stress levels remain high. In light of the world crisis, we tried and continue to try to keep our stress levels at a minimum, we continue to try to keep our family's' spirits up. In an effort to maintain some sense of normalcy, we can find ways to de-stress at home by spending little to no money at all. Just like when we're upset or in a bad mood, sometimes, we go shopping. Not to single out the men but ladies, you know what I mean. There are simple, yet inexpensive, ways to improve your mood when stressed or feeling down. Don't forget, this applies to the kids spaces as well.

1. Try adding more color to a room(s) to brighten your mood. Paint or add a piece of art that makes a subtle statement, you can even be creative by using material to change the appearance of your lamps (I'll provide tips in my next blog post) or lamp shades, add a colorful or textured throw rug or accessory. Remember, these transformations can apply to kids spaces too. 

2. Living plants add fresh oxygen to the air and remove toxins. Catering to living plants or arranging cut flowers is a great way to let go of stress. 

3. Create an ambiance for your senses by adding a colorful or abstract rug and luscious textiles, music of your choice to create a mood or reminisce on simpler times, add a favorite piece of art, photography books, and an enhancing room fragrance. Indulge in the moment(s) you create and let your senses soak it all up.

4. Set a less active environment at least one (1) hour before bedtime. This helps your body wind down and rid it of the stress of the day. I find that music and a soft fragrance (diffusers or a candle) help. If you have the "Calm App", that works too. If not, try "You Tube."

5. Don't bring your work into your boudoir!!! Bringing your work into your bedroom defeats the purpose of the calm, serene, and tranquil environment you created . Example: If you have a canopy bed and have decorated your bedroom around your bed to create an ambiance that elevates your mindset, don't muddy that ambiance with work.

Be positive. It will get better. 



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