Lavish Color is Trending in 2021

Summer is full of color. It’s a time when you let your imagination take flight. Adding vibrant color is a must. Mix and match. It’s refreshing how oranges, reds, pinks, with a touch of royal blue can create a vibrant garden that electrifies your bedroom décor and adds positivity to your mood. Do you ever sit and look at a room and wonder what you can do to give it some life without breaking the bank? Guess what, you don’t have to step out of your financial comfort zone. Experiment with  accents, patterns, textures, materials, different colored pillowcases. Dare to be different. Create your own you.

Experiment, you’ll be amazed at what your imagination can create. I love different shades of purple, violet, paired with orange using accents, pillows, picture frames, or/and your children’s’ pictures from school. My bedroom is my happy place because I personalize it to create my sanctuary. Adding a special scent to complete that ambiance will transport you to another place.

What's trending for 2021 is "Key colors include rich reds and oranges, mustard yellows and bold greens, with blues continuing to prove popular for a classic, timeless scheme. Nature-inspired prints are also a must-have, with prints inspired by florals and foliage to bring an element of the outdoors in" Homes and Gardens 9/20/20. The trend is also moving towards increased personalization when it comes to design. Create a fun environment for your young child or teen, to mimic their taste, hobby, or just their own happy place. They'll thank you for it. 

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