Solids, Pattern, and Price

Each person’s taste is different. It’s like a fingerprint. I like patterns, prints, solids and stripes. It depends on the season, color, my mood, or change could revolve around something as simple as a piece of furniture. Embracing change and letting your sense of style take over can show you what you’re made of. If you think you don’t have a sense of style, don’t undercut yourself. Let your imagination explode by working with bedding, pictures, paint (if you so choose), plants, or lamps you already have. If you are working with a budget, you can actually accomplish this and stay on target. If you buy a new duvet bedding set, you can change something as simple as lamp shades, add a couple of pictures- be abstract with the picture frames and inject a new energy into your room, your mental space or throughout the house. Personally, I let the theme or décor of each room reflect different aspects of my personality. I find it fun and exciting. It gives me a lot of creative material to work with and gets my creative juices flowing. Not only do I design rooms for myself, I also design for family members, friends and associates. Solid colors, patterns/prints, stripes, or damask, I mix fabrics, colors, and designs to create a unique and personal space that, like a good book, I can escape to. Your décor can directly influence the aura or feng shui you want to flow into a room. Visit to view the stunning bedding and bath products that can influence your rooms’ feng shui.


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