Over the years the duvet has increased in popularity. The world went from bedspreads to comforters and now, the duvet. The duvet in different countries means different things. In France, a duvet also called a "comforter" inside a specially fitted cover, is a thick, warm blanket filled with down or feathers. In the U.S. we define the duvet as a quilted insert different from the comforter. For all intense purposes, the duvet is the “blanket” inside, while the duvet cover is the shell that goes around it. You need both for a full and complete duvet set. The duvet has three main purposes: comfort, design, and convenience.

A duvet allows you to change your bedding from spring to autumn to holiday bedding décor without putting your comforter away or purchasing a new comforter set. You don’t have to break the bank in designing your bedding décor. The duvet cover provides comfort variety while protecting your duvet from damage. The duvet is usually made of durable cotton or manmade materials that are easy to clean, durable and highly breathable. The idea is to design the right sleep environment that makes you feel at ease to sleep through the night. Did you know that the Sleep Foundation asserts that a “relaxing environment is essential for a good night’s rest. Studies have shown people simply sleep better when their bedroom is optimized for light and noise levels, temperature, and comfort. And since sleep quality and duration are directly tied to other aspects of human health, a bedroom environment that promotes sleep can also improve how you feel while you’re awake[1].” Duvets give you more flexibility for the look and feel of your bedroom. The advantages of a duvet are: 1) they provide multiple options to customize the weight and warmth of your bedding, 2) they hold warmth without the weight, 3) the flexibility to change by season or style, 4) easier and less expensive to clean without cleaning the whole set, 5) the materials last and are great for your budget.

Material: Factors to consider when choosing the right material include: Do you suffer from allergies? If so, you might consider a polyester shell and fill that is easy to clean. Merino wool is also a good choice because it is known to help allergy sufferers by balancing humidity.

Cost: Weight out the cost of purchasing a duvet set (duvet, flat sheet, pillowcase(s) versus purchasing a comforter set. A duvet cover can last for years and provide protection for your favorite comforter.

I have comforters that I really like and I have found that duvets protect them by securely covering them, provide for less cleaning of the comforter, by adjusting to my sleeping environment (provide just enough cover for my sleeping environment), and allowing me to change my bedding décor without excess spending. I have found attractive duvets on clearance at stores in-person and online which provides for huge savings. When designing my room, it was just as much fun and an amazing challenge to design around the bedding décor as opposed to designing around my wall color and accessories. Everything does not have to match. Designing using abstracts were fun, uplifting, inspiring, and unique. I love unique.

[1] Bedroom Environment: What Elements Are Important? | Sleep Foundation


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