About Us

Do you know that how you feel throughout the day is influenced by how you sleep? I’ve noticed that my alertness, my mood, and most importantly, my energy is a direct result of how I sleep. Besides the obvious factors that can impact your sleep, comfort is the main component in sleep.“1Studies have shown people simply sleep better when their bedroom is optimized for light and noise levels, temperature, and comfort. And since sleep quality and duration are directly tied to other aspects of human health, a bedroom environment that promotes sleep can also improve how you feel while you're awake…”As owner of Càiri Bed and Bath, I want you to experience your best sleep possible at a cost that’s affordable.

My goal is to provide you with quality sheets and bedding that embody comfort and design. Càiris’ designs complement any décor and can be the foundation for the ambiance you create all while enhancing your sleep experience. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable in bedding and decorating aspects and we pass that information on to you to make you a more informed consumer through our monthly blog. Our bath towels are attractive and made of pure cotton for the best drying results. Our products provide insulation, warmth, comfort and create an amazing space at a reasonable price.

Quality is our priority.


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